Private Clinic Dr. Thomas Pauly – 4-D Spine Analysis:

Back problems are the most common reason why patients go to see an orthopedist. The causes and treatment options for back pain are as diverse as the cases are numerous. 
The 4-D spine analysis is a four-dimensional, fast, and absolutely radiation-free method to measure the spine and back muscles.

  • This new measurement method enables detecting painful dysfunctions of the spine at an early stage.
  • A bent spine or misaligned pelvis can be analyzed, tense muscles and unequal load distribution of the muscles can be visualized.
  • The influence caused by problems with the jaw joint (CMD, craniomandibular dysfunction) or bite anomalies and their impact on statics can be demonstrated.
  • Shoe orthotics can be checked, and the effect and course of the therapy can be demonstrated.
  • The statics can be analyzed and, if necessary, corrected before and after the implantation of artificial joints to prevent a long-term unequal load distribution from the very beginning.
  • The knowledge obtained here helps to start necessary preventive and rehabilitative measures at an early stage.

Technically, the 4-D spine-analysis system is a recording device consisting of a video camera and a projector. The patient stands in front of the system facing away from it at a distance of approx. 2 meters. The projector casts parallel lines on the back for measurement which is recorded by a video camera and transmitted to the computer. A special software analyzes the measured data and determines the shape of the entire back and spine as well as the position of the pelvis.

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