Private Clinic Dr. Thomas Pauly – Stand and Gait Analysis:

When you walk or run, do you apply stress predominantly to the heel, midfoot or ball? A gait analysis will shed light onto this matter and answer the question of whether any corrections are necessary, e.g. through orthotics or shoe adjustments. In the field of sports, the foot and gait analysis (pedography) can be used as a basis to determine the most suitable sports shoes.

It is important to understand the exact partial movements of the feet when walking and running. It is possible through electronic measurement of the pressure to objectively determine the distribution of pressure over the soles and a possible strain on the spine.

For the Stand and Gait Analysis, the patient walks over a pressure-measurement plate equipped with electronic sensor foil. The forces impacting on the foot during the movement process are recorded by a computer and then displayed graphically. This way, unequal load distributions on the body axes can be determined and, if necessary, corrected.