Private Clinic Dr. Thomas Pauly  –  Orthotics / Shoe Adjustments:

Without any technical tools, a foot can only be examined when it is at rest; in the context of certain foot problems, however, a diagnosis requires to see the foot in motion.

Complaints of the lower extremities may be caused by imbalances and unequal load distribution in the region of the foot. For this reason, it is important to trace the movements of the feet in the process of standing and walking. Electronic measurement of the pressure enables to accurately determine how pressure is distributed over the sole of the foot and what strain is put on the spine.

Furthermore, we intensively work with proprioceptive orthotics. Sensorimotor orthotics impact on the foot as the initial application point and from there affect the entire body. The sensorimotor elements of the orthotics activate the receptors of the foot muscles and influence the activity of the posture- and balance-regulating muscle loops through the ascending nervous pathways.

These orthotics are an integral part of the treatment concept in CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction) therapy.