Private Clinic Dr. Thomas Pauly – Strength Measurement:

For strength measurement, we use the DIERS-myoline strength measurement at our clinic, a multifunctional system with up to 28 parameters to measure strength, especially isometric maximum strength.

Configured as a measurement method for the whole body, the DIERS-myoline system allows for accurate registration and documentation of the most important muscle parameters relevant to the posture in one single system.

The immediate graphic display of muscular imbalances illustrates the current condition of the muscles. At the same time, the measurement results are contrasted with age- and gender-specific reference values.

After the measurement, we will develop an individual training program with you. These textual and visual recommendations for training are easy to implement, can be performed at home (or wherever you like), saving you a trip to the gym and its associated risks.

In addition, this measurement technique allows to track, at a later point, the therapeutic success brought about by your training, in turn allowing us to make additional adaptations, if required.