Private Orthopedics Clinic Dr. med. Thomas Pauly

The Private Orthopedics Clinic Kö 94 is a private medical clinic for self-pay patients. My staff and I provide quality care specifically tailored to your needs – also outside regular consultation hours.

As a Specialist in Orthopedics (recognized additional titles: Chiropractic Therapy and Sports Medicine) I will provide you with comprehensive information and therapy according to the latest medical standards and methods. I make use of conventional medical diagnostic and therapeutic methods as well as holistic approaches and alternative medical procedures to eliminate dysfunctions and problems of the musculo-skeletal system.

The alternative forms of therapy (i.e. forms which are not considered part of conventional medicine) beneficial to my patients are not always covered by medical health insurances, not even by private ones.

Our clinic will be happy to provide you with any information, especially with regard to special services requested by patients which are not covered by their health insurance. Of course, you will have the last say as to whether we proceed with the treatment options that I recommend to you.

An overview of my range of services:


  • Special Pain Therapy
    • Local injections (also under CT monitoring)
    • Osteoarthritis treatment with injection of cartilage-stabilizing substances, if necessary, combined with anti-inflammatory drugs


  • Manual Therapy (Chiropractic Therapy)
    • Acupuncture
    • Vibration Training as strength and vitality training


Postural Analysis:

  • 4-D Spine Analysis
  • Stand and Gait Analysis
  • Supply of orthotics, if necessary, customization of shoes in collaboration with an orthopedic shoemaker
  • Strength Measurement
    • Targeted training instructions


Shockwave Therapy (focused and radial)

  • Aesthetic Medicine
    • Cellulite Therapy
    • Dupuytren’s contracture
    • Orthopedics
      • “Calcified-shoulder” therapy
      • Tennis elbow
      • Calcaneal spur
      • Pelvic-floor pain